“Arlene is a gifted teacher. She is more than knowledgeable. She is absolutely passionate about her mission."

~Anne Sands, Courtenay, B.C.



            Living in my essential energy, regardless of the prices I may pay for doing so,

                                            is worth everything!

Source Energy Consulting is the home of Arlene Rannelli, who is sincerely committed to helping you get the most out of life. Arlene's message is clear, uplifting and inspirational.

Arlene sees the light and goodness in people and helps them to recognize these in themselves along with their own gifts and uniqueness to achieve their heart-felt desires.

Her magnetic vibration draws people to her and offers them a safe place to grow, heal and connect with the spiritual magnificence they truly are.

"Mastering Your Essential Energy is a matter of choice, not chance".
                                                               ~Arlene Rannelli 

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